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Are You Staying Motivated to Live Your Dream in 2017?

Thomas Watson Sr. (no relation) was 40 years old when he took over as general manager of a little known manufacturing company that processed meat slicers, time clocks, and simple tabulators. He had a dream and a vision for a …

Are You Planting Seeds of Greatness For YOUR Next Harvest?

While savoring the fruits– and veggies! –of hard labor during the harvest season is a perfect time for thinking about our ability to better yield the fruits of our own labors. Every Fall, coaches, entrepreneurs and educators are given a …

You’re Invited to the Next Olympic Games

You’re Invited to the Next Olympic Games – Imagine That! Welcome to America’s home for inspiration. Did you enjoy the Summer Olympics?  Like all world-class contests, the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil delivered us a new roster of heroes – …


Dr Tommy Watson Life Coach

Millionaire Entrepreneur Dr. Tommy Watson reveals the #1 Truth that takes anyone from zero to dreams do come true!

The Rise and Fall… and Resilient Rise of Football Great Omar Douglas

Omar Douglas, Tommy Watson, Golden Gophers, NY Giants

From Golden Gophers greatness to the NFL, legendary wide receiver Omar Douglas lived the game of football, until sidelined by sudden injury during NY Giants training camp. How did he get back on top?

Coach Lamanzer Williams: From Discipline Comes Success

Lamanzer Williams

Growing up a middle child among a large brood whose single parent worked three jobs to support them impressed Lamanzer Williams with the value of hard work and faith. “Mom never even had the opportunity to graduate from high school. …

ZeroMeetsHero | ZeroMeetShero

Ed Hawthorne, sports heros, Barack Obama

Dr. Tommy Watson’s Chronicle of Champions Gridiron Giant: Former Miami Dolphin Ed Hawthorne Tackles Kidney Disease Head-On Legendary defensive lineman Ed Hawthorne faces the most aggressive opponent of his life, on or off the football field. As fans of the …