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Resilient Stories!

Everyone loves hearing stories of people who have beat the odds and overcome obstacles! Join Dr. Tommy Watson (aka Dr. Inspiration), who grew up with parents that were arrested 121 times, each week as he interviews amazing guest, who have …

Dr. Watson Interview for Resilient Stories

Dr. Tommy Watson expressed an insurmountable courage in his quest to overcome issues of abandonment, homelessness, being shifted from home to home and drug-addictive parents who were arrested 121 times.

Resilient Stories with Juniper Jillian Joy

Juniper Jillian JoyBetrayed, Broken and Beaten by the men she should’ve been able to trust the most, a woman rises above the mental, emotional and physical anguish of childhood molestation.

Resilient Stories with Tracy Slepcevic

Tracy SlepcevicA courageous United States Air Force Veteran, with a family history of alcohol and drug abuse, finds herself in one of the most challenging battles of her life, when her son suddenly becomes ill and is subsequently diagnosed with …

Resilient Stories with Lyreshia Bonds

Lyreshia BondsDealing with the cruelty and pettiness of racism in the workplace, a very strong and competent woman is forced to take legal action against a system, that was designed to keep her supressed.

Resilient Stories with Lyric Hawkins

Lyric HawkinsFrom poverty, homelessness and being faced with multiple evictions to helping others build million dollar businesses, this single mom has hustled hard to overcome the agonizing hardships and pitfalls of pursuing her passion, and is now living her biggest …

Resilient Stories with Tonya McKenzie

Tonya McKenzieCoping with severe emotional issues, after being the victim of a horrific home invasion, a woman must now seek out ways to manage her anger, in order to survive and live up to her fullest potential.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Carleah East

Dr. Carleah EastA therapist knows first-hand the hard work, that it takes to evaluate the shortcomings of oneself, in order to overcome the deeply-rooted psychological issues of emotional addiction.

Resilient Stories with David Richman

David RichmanA must hear! After having a tumultuous journey, a man is now on a quest to find peace within himself and ultimately to make sense of his unstable life. At one of his most perplexed moments, he gains strength …