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 Our Mission is to inspire individuals and organizations to overcome obstacles and adjust to environmental changes like champions.


T. A. Watson Speaking, Coaching and Consulting offers:

  • Speaking: Keynote Speaker for Trade Shows, Fundraising Events, Business and Sales Meetings, Awards Programs and Conferences. (Topics of expertise: Leadership and Organizational Change; Youth and Education Issues; Motivation and Expectations; Diversity; Purpose; Sports; Overcoming Obstacles; and Team Building)
  • Coaching: Life and Executive Coaching (with an emphasis on purpose and balance)
  • Consulting: Dr. Watson helps organizations identify root problems, finding solutions and creating instruments to evaluate both implementation of solutions and to evaluate the effectiveness of the planned solution(s). A highly sought-after speaker and award-winning author, Dr. Watson now travels the country bringing his personal story and professional experiences to inspire and help individuals and organizations to overcome obstacles and adjust to constant, environmental changes.

Each speech, presentation, and/or workshop is instructionally tailored to meet the needs of each organization.

“Thank you so much for your presentation … I had nothing but positive feedback from those in attendance at the meeting. I particularly appreciate the fact that you took the time to learn about what we do and tailored your presentation to our audience.”

With his background in teaching, learning and leadership, and as an educator, Dr. Watson ensures that participants are involved in collaborative, interactive and critical thinking-focused outcomes during his speeches, presentations, and/or workshops.

Here is your chance to skyrocket the trajectory of your organization and motivate your employees to new heights!

Here is what many participants have said about Tommy Watson, his book and his services:

“You have inspired me to truly finish school and go to college.”

“You taught me to have courage.”

“I loved how real and inspiring you were.”

“You are an inspiration to me and everyone else…”

“I never thought that someone who been through so much stuff would write a book about their life. That’s the biggest thing that inspired me.”

“I liked how you never let anything get in your way while growing up.”

“I learned to be thankful for what you got and don’t be embarrassed… your book will stay immortal as you drift away.”

“I think it is cool you decided to share a book about your life.”

“Thank you Mr. Watson for being an inspirational leader to all who read your book.”

“Your book is the second book I really liked.”

“Your presence and contribution motivated and empowered…You helped establish the foundation on which our 1,150 + site staff in 84 cities and 29 states will implement and serve as leaders.”

“THANK YOU!!! I wish you could have witnessed the inspiration and the motivation this young man gained from your story. I will continue to tell your story and please know that you are helping young people…”

“You bring out the best in people!”

“Best presentation I’ve ever seen.”

“Everyone intent on closing the gap should hear this story.”

“What more can I say-Awesome!”

“Totally awesome!!!”

“Outstanding – you definitely are a miracle.”

“Very powerful message.”

“He made it real. He spoke from personal experience.”

“So inspirational… highly effective speaker. Love his story.”

“Great presenter, very enthusiastic about having high expectations for students…brought his personal story with what we can do for our students.”

“Great ideas and strategies.”

“Interesting insights into what drives students.”

“…moving story which inspires hope in my ability to make a difference.”

“Makes me think of my role in a different way.”

“Valuable information and things that can actually be implemented.”

“Extremely inspiring, thanks for sharing your invaluable experience.”

“Timely and informative.”

“The best opening day workshop ever.”

“Wonderful speaker and inspiring story.”

“Excellent and inspirational!”

“Great story of success and good strategies.”

“Extremely motivating! Powerful impact! Realistic view of those we serve.”

“Your story is an inspiration to people everywhere.”

“Your book was one of the best that I ever read!”

“Mr. Watson’s message penetrates to the core of people’s soul.”



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