Resilient Stories with Joe Urban

Joe Urban, Silicon Valley CEO, literally became a protector of all mankind, including the teacher, who mistreated and humiliated him on a regular basis. His endurance and great display of character will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted!

Resilient Stories with Cadori Marshall

Cadori Marhsall took the devastating grief, that comes along with losing a child and channeled her energy into excelling and reaching out for emotional support, while helping others heal, as well.

Resilient Stories with Regina Louise

Regina LouiseAn amazing story of empowerment that will motivate you to live the life you deserve! Regina Louise overcame obstacles from being raised in a home, where there was a lack of nurturing and physical abuse, which fueled her need …

Resilient Stories with Greg Coleman

Greg ColemanThere’s so much more that goes into the careers of NFL athletes, than positions and scores! Be enlightened and filled with pride, as Greg Coleman passionately reveals the good, bad and the ugly of his journey. 

Resilient Stories with Karl Mecklenburg

Karl Mecklenburg, 6X Pro Bowl player for the Denver Broncos, perseveres, breaks down barriers and inspires you to excel, as well as to accomplish your dreams, regardless of who believes in you.

Resilient Stories with Kelsey Nicole Nelson

Kelsey Nicole NelsonA constant victim of stereotyping, racism, discrimination, and unfair politics, Kelsey Nicole Nelson learned to trust in herself and thus acquire the life, that she always wanted and the life that she now loves as NFL sports journalist.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Kourtney Hollingsworth

Dr. Kourtney Hollingsworth’s impeccable research enabled her to survive a life-threating illness. She gives valuable information and guidance, as it pertains to our health and living our best lives.

Resilient Stories with Jamie Wright

Jamie WrightDefying all odds and standing her ground against all types of emotional trauma and physical abuse, Jamie Wright turned her weaknesses into strengths, and her story will help you do the same!

Resilient Stories with Pamela Lue-Hing

Pamela Lue-Hing’s story on how balancing motherhood, serving others and coping with unresolved childhood pain caused her to unknowingly lose sight on her own personal goals. Her story gives people consolation and hope to keep moving forward.

Resilient Stories with Duchesne Drew

Duchesne DrewWorking through the Pandemic and the death of George Floyd, Durchesne Drew overcame many obstacles while leading the top radio station in Minnesota, at the epicenter of a tragedy that impacted our world. His devotion and dedication during a …