Resilient Stories with Evangelist Beverly Broadus Green

Evangelist Beverly Broadus GreenListen, to how the powerful prayers of a virtuous woman are helping to revitalize the lives of others and inspiring them to fulfill their callings! Facing the challenges of everyday life with faith and fierceness, Evangelist Beverly …

Resilient Stories with Dan Miller

Dan Miller Once $430,000 in debt, Dan Miller, a man of great character has always exemplified courage and confidence, when it comes to establishing and maintaining business relationships. His strong intellect has helped him prevail and take advantage of many …

Resilient Stories with Elizabeth Corshu

Elizabeth CorshuAfter making it through a deep depression, from the loss of her mother, Elizabeth Corshu is helping others to manage their grief and to fulfill their life purpose and goals.

Resilient Stories with LaPronda Spann

LaPronda SpannBe humbled, motivated and encouraged by the amazing accomplishments of LaPronda Spann, award-winning entrepreneur. She is a remarkable example and resource, for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, who want to put it all on the line to pursue their dreams.

Resilient Stories with Mark Wingo

Mark WingoFrom losing it all to being featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and living the American Dream, Mark Wingo is proof that success is imminent, if one continues to hold on!

Resilient Stories with Walter Bond

Walter Bond From playing in the NBA to filing bankruptcy, Walter Bond shares an extraordinary story about his transformation. He’s developed a blueprint for starting over and now, he’s helping others win!

Resilient Stories with Joe Urban

Joe Urban, Silicon Valley CEO, literally became a protector of all mankind, including the teacher, who mistreated and humiliated him on a regular basis. His endurance and great display of character will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted!

Resilient Stories with Cadori Marshall

Cadori Marhsall took the devastating grief, that comes along with losing a child and channeled her energy into excelling and reaching out for emotional support, while helping others heal, as well.

Resilient Stories with Regina Louise

Regina LouiseAn amazing story of empowerment that will motivate you to live the life you deserve! Regina Louise overcame obstacles from being raised in a home, where there was a lack of nurturing and physical abuse, which fueled her need …

Resilient Stories with Greg Coleman

Greg ColemanThere’s so much more that goes into the careers of NFL athletes, than positions and scores! Be enlightened and filled with pride, as Greg Coleman passionately reveals the good, bad and the ugly of his journey.