Resilient Stories with Dr. Michael Thomas

Dr. Michael ThomasAfter years of feeling confused, awkward and at times lost, Dr. Michael Thomas learned to embrace his identity and appreciate the beauty of being born biracial. Having to overcome many obstacles, his story will empower and challenge you …

Resilient Stories with Dr. Thomas Adams

Dr. Thomas Adamshas over 21 years of experience in delivering a continuum of supportive services to marginalized populations living in disenfranchised communities and consults frequently on topics ranging from workforce development, social enterprise, criminal justice reform, social challenges, nonprofit administration, …

Resilient Stories with Shannon Hancock

Shannon Hancockhas a premier vernacular concerning women’s issues, and often relies on the strength of her experience as a single mother and divorcee; as rudders helping to steer other women on their journey toward healing and the inner solace needed, …

Resilient Stories with Dr. Yolanda Jerry

Dr. Yolanda JerryDr. Yolanda Jerry is a retired Air Force veteran, speaker, author, life coach, and entrepreneur. Dr. Jerry is reputed for her innate ability to exhort multi-generational audiences through her powerful and relatable messages; as she passionately advocates for truth, …

Resilient Stories with Dr. Marck Abraham

Dr. Marck Abrahamovercame childhood illiteracy, as well as growing up in poverty and in a household with domestic violence. Now, he is determined to ensure that other African American children perform, at their highest academic potential.

Resilient Stories with Rose McGee

Rose McGee turned her pain into her passion! Coping with the loss of her husband, the catastrophic effects of sudden unemployment, betrayal and potential homelessness, she became a blessing to everyone, during social unrest in our country.

Resilient Stories with Coach Kevin Yoxall

Kevin Yoxall National Championship football, Coach Kevin Yoxall, dealt with the harsh reality of having to unexpectedly shift gears. Being replaced on his job and ultimately having to restructure almost every aspect of his life, he gives hope in times …

Resilient Stories with Nicole Jordan-Reed

Chef Nicole Jordan-ReedTransitioning through multiple challenges that come along with operating a food business during the pandemic, Chef Nicole Jordan demonstrates dedication and determination, as she continues to provide optimal customer service, regardless to the possibility of losing her business. 

Resilient Stories with Mike Max

Mike Max, top radio personality and news anchor, gives valuable strategies to cope with and maneuver, through self-doubt that kills many careers!

Resilient Stories with Libra Hicks

Libra Hicks, advocate, courageously re-invented herself and her story offers inspiration to others, who may have to do the same, even if it means treading into uncomfortable and unfamiliar territories!