Resilient Stories with Mark Loring

Mark LoringHomeless for 2 years, a successful entrepreneur, who once had to shower at a fitness center, tells how he survived the struggle.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Jason Sole

Dr. Jason SoleCaught in the drug game, for most of his teenage and young adult life, a 3rd time felon must survive grueling and agonizing years in federal prison. Searching deep within to overcome the dark forces around him, he …

Resilient Stories with Coach Patty Medina

Coach Patty MedinaAfter years of uncertainty as an illegal immigrant, a high school student accomplishes the American dream, by becoming a great women’s collegiate basketball coach, as well as a powerful mentor to many!

Resilient Stories with Jen Nash

Jen NashA young, intrinsic Australian girl must learn to thrive in numerous countries and overcome the unstable, tumultuous lifestyle of being raised by a manic depressive father, as well as adjust to his absence, once he sadly commits suicide.

Resilient Stories with La’Quita Monley

La’Quita MoleyA talented high school athlete abandons her dream of attending college, becoming a teenage wife and mother, who must rebound after suffering a mental breakdown.

Resilient Stories with Coach Joe Pannunzio

Coach Joe PannunzioWinning 3 National College Football Championships, a coach is forced to think outside of the box to connect with the players, and balance his home-life with his obligations on the field. In spite of making countless sacrifices, by …

Resilient Stories with Dr. D. Ivan Young

Dr. D. Ivan YoungOne of the highest paid and top-ranking black Life Coaches in the world, with no previous health conditions, finds himself relying solely on his faith, when dealing with a rare life-threatening illness and nervously maneuvering his way …

Resilient Stories with Marques Ogden

Marques OgdenA former NFL player goes bankrupt and loses it all, choosing to sweep floors, rather than ask his brother, another multi-million dollar football player, for financial help.

Resilient Stories with Gary Hines

Gary HinesThe dynamic director and producer of 3-time award-winning group, “Sounds of Blackness” is faced with many adversities, while maneuvering his way through the entertainment industry, including the death of George Floyd in his hometown and his close friend, music …

Resilient Stories with Vincent Patton

Dr. Vincent W. PattonFormer Master Chief Petty Officer, Vince Patton overcame a severe speech impediment and the adversities of growing up, in the inner city of Detroit. With the strong influence and support of his family, he navigated through the ranks …