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Resilient Stories with Precious McKoy

Precious McKoySexually abused as a child, a woman copes with the horrific memories of her childhood, by inspiring others to overcome adversity and succeed.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Jennifer Bryant

Dr. Jennifer BryantMental illness disrupted a family and left a teenage girl desperately searching for answers, after she felt threatened by the one person, who she should’ve been able to trust. The bitter reality was that her life would forever …

Resilient Stories with Dr. Lanze Thompson

Dr. Lanze ThompsonAs Executive Vice President, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer of Clark Atlanta University, Dr. Lanze Thompson has tenaciously persevered, through discriminatory business practices and unfair strategies that are often used to control, mentally confuse and minimize the self-confidence …

Resilient Stories with Pastor Jalilia Abdul-Brown

Pastor Jalilia Abdul-BrownOften neglected and left alone by her drug addicted parents, she was forced to fend for herself and at times even eat the unthinkable. Now, she’s vowed to help feed others healthy food, by way of her non-profit …

Resilient Stories with Jillian Hishaw

Jillian HishawUpon realizing that her grandfather was cheated out of his land, by a dis-honest lawyer, an Agricultural Attorney vows to prevent other African Americans from being victimized and wrongfully losing their assets.

Resilient Stories with Allison Graham

Allison GrahamA successful business woman becomes disabled in the height of her career and learns the true meaning of courage, as she fights boldly to overcome her immobilizing health condition.

Resilient Stories with Michelle Perdue

Michelle PerdueAfter surviving two different types of breast cancer that resulted in a double mastectomy, Michelle Perdue currently helps others achieve resiliency and live their greatest potential, both in and outside of the workplace.

Resilient Stories with Danielle Thompson

Danielle ThompsonAfter deciding to switch careers, a woman loses her only source of income and is forced to live in her vehicle, while relying on public assistance, before becoming a one of a kind, dynamic Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Resilient Stories with Steve Berlack

Steve BerlackA former host for BET Tonight later becomes homeless and reluctantly stays in a roach infested shelter. Now, a successful Life Coach, Author and Speaker, he’s living proof that you can overcome the worst days of your life!

Resilient Stories with Dee Williams

Dee WilliamsAn outgoing, business-savvy, money-making guru had to overcome the excruciating trauma of being molested and raped multiple times, throughout her childhood, of which one incident resulted in her becoming a mother, at just the tender age of 11.