Starting Your Engine to Reach Your Goals and Dreams

Goal setting is the fuel that flames your onward progress. It enables you to achieve your dreams and achieve your resolutions. Don’t let your goals and resolutions fall by the wayside. Chances are that to accomplish your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and goal achievement are easier if you follow these 12 steps for effective and successful goal setting and resolution accomplishment.

1. Having a positive attitude about the future. A general sense of optimism about the future helps to believe you will achieve your goals.

2. Formulate affirmative, long-term objectives. “To stroke motivation and ambition, focus…on the road ahead.”

3. Don’t set goals and objectives that conflict with each other or your world view. The more congruent your goals and objectives are, the more likely you are to achieve them.

4. Make specific goals on a monthly plan. If a delay arises one day, your plan is still intact.

5. Focus on just one large goal at a time.

6. Precommit to success and don’t give yourself alternatives. Speak into existence before it manifests itself.

7. Use David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.

8. Work on your goal every day. The daily habit of working towards a goal produces dependable, positive, long-term results.

9. Set your goals publicly. If other people know about it, it’s harder to dismiss.

10. Help others.

11. Monitor your actions daily. Keep track of your progress using a smartphone app, write a sentence or two in your journal, or update your progress on Twitter. Be sure to review your entries so you can see how well you have progressed toward your goal.

12. Give yourself relevant rewards for achieved milestones. Set up milestones throughout the process and award yourself when you meet these milestones.

Goal setting is the foundation for personal and business success. I am not someone who achieves every goal he sets; I struggle and procrastinate too. But I have improved over the past few months. I have realized that just thinking about a goal doesn’t help you achieve it. If you utilize the tips above, you will be on your way to both successfully setting goals and achieving them.

Until next time, BE INSPIRED!

Dr. Inspiration

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