Lessons Learned From Prince

I have many fond memories of college when I played football for the University of Minnesota. The off the field memory that stands out most to me was working security at Prince’s nightclub (Glam Slam) in Minneapolis, MN. People would stream into downtown from across the globe to experience the high-energy atmosphere. Club-goers would stand in line in subzero temperatures to partake in the party environment hoping to catch a glimpse of the one and only, Prince.

Prince had a magical effect on people! Yes, for the obvious reason of being the brilliant musician behind hit after hit after hit. However, his impact on people was greater than the music. To that end, if were to look deeper into what Prince taught each of us about living life to the fullest, we would find 3 critical lessons. These lessons are timeless and we can put them into action today to be a top performer. Check out this video to discover the 3 lessons that the “Purple Man” himself would have wanted us to know.

I look forward to being your next speaker or coach!
Dr. Inspiration- Dr. Tommy Watson

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