Keeping Hope to Thrive in 2014

Dr. Christian Snyder, author of The Psychology of Hope, breaks down the three mental components of hope are goals, willpower, and waypower.

He states that goals are objects, experiences, and outcomes that we imagine and desire.
“Willpower is the driving force in hopeful thinking.” It is the determination and commitment one has to get an individual from point A to point B.

Lastly, waypower is the strategy, the road map that guides hopeful thought. “Waypower is a mental capacity we can call on to find one or more effective ways to reach our goals.”

Simply put: Hope = Mental Willpower + Waypower for Goals

None of these would work without the other which explains why people get stuck in the achieving process, and experience hopelessness.

What do you do when your hope is weaning? Increase it with willpower and waypower! The willpower to think about possible solutions to your problems, and the “waypower,” which means picking a path or action to reach one of those solutions.

Tips for keeping hope to thrive:

  • Faith and belief in a better future. No matter what we go through keeping hope that our future will be bright allows us to persist and persevere. When we keep faithful and optimistic it allows us to stay motivated and driven to finish what we started. When unexpected tragedy occurs we must acknowledge that stress and grief does not last forever.
  • Appreciating what you have. Even when life feels out of control and we can’t imagine ever reaching our goals there is much to be grateful for. There is always someone in a worse circumstance that is willing to live with joy and grace. Be willing to acknowledge what you do have and what you appreciate about yourself, relationships, and community.
  • Discovering the hidden side of self and new frontiers of life. Some of the most profound self-knowledge comes from the most difficult moments. When we are confronted with the reality of who we are and how we are living it broadens the horizon for how life can be and what is most important. We learn what we are truly capable of, and the inner strength we possess during arduous times.
  • Commitment to growth. Every experience is a learning opportunity. No matter how difficult or painful a situation may be, we are able to use the experience to expand and grow our awareness and understanding. This commitment is how we become a stronger, wiser, and more gracious person. Allow pain to mold and shape your character honorably.
  • Be sure to tune in this spring as we engage in other creative opportunities to inspire and empower others – you don’t want to miss it!

    Until next time, BE INSPIRED!

    Dr. Inspiration

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