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The movie about my story of going from homeless to Dr. that will raise awareness to a growing crisis in our nation-childhood homelessness!

There are nearly 1.3 million homeless students in our nation’s public schools- a problem that continues to grow at staggering rates. Tonight, in Charlotte, NC (where I reside) nearly 5000 kids will go to sleep in shelters, motel rooms and in cars. According to the Institute for Children, Poverty & Homelessness, these students have an 87% chance of dropping out.

This is a movie (Resilient) that will shine the light on childhood homelessness by looking through the life of Tommy Watson whose parents were arrested 121 times by the time he was a senior in high school, in the midst of being recruited as one of the top football players in America. “The purpose of writing and producing the movie is to inspire others to be their best selves regardless of the challenges they face in life,” explains Dr. Tommy Watson. “I want people to know that our stories, good or bad, make us who we are and what we decide to become.” It is this reason Dr. Watson is now sharing his own empowering story in his movie, Resilient, scheduled to start filming and release in Charlotte, NC in the spring of 2019. The movie is based on his real-life, award-winning book A Face of Courage: The Tommy Watson Story.

Watson’s parents were heroin addicts and shoplifters. Watson grew up in the Five Points area of Denver, Colorado a crime-ridden neighborhood wrought with gang violence, drugs, and poverty. Living in this type of neighborhood would create any number of obstacles and challenges for a young person, however, Watson’s biggest challenges were faced behind closed doors. Watson and his siblings paid a hell of a price due to the actions of their drug-addicted parents. Fortunately for Watson, he was able to rise above the odds that consumed his parents, siblings, and many friends.

Despite being in foster homes, living in 7 different motel rooms, being homeless as a senior in high school and without any parental supervision, protection or support, Dr. Watson overcame challenge after challenge after challenge and became an utter success!

From pain to purpose, RESILIENT is Watson’s inspiring journey from homelessness, abandonment and childhood neglect to successful Big Ten football player with hopes for the NFL and later a fulfilling career as a school principal and motivational speaker.

The Resilient movie premier is partnering with A Child’s Place organization opening night to bring further awareness to the blemish of childhood homelessness.

A Child’s Place seeks to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education. The nonprofit fills the gap that helps homeless children come to school despite the outside factors, excel academically and stop the intergenerational transfer of homelessness.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Homeless shelter in Charlotte

“Dr. Tommy Watson represents the vision A Child’s Place has for all of the students we serve. The plight of homeless students and families is bigger than one organization can handle by themselves. Being able to partner with Dr. Watson who shares a similar story and bring visibility to this issue will help further the mission of A Child’s Place.”
– Ms. Shantiqua Neely, MS Executive Director

“No matter where we come from, we all want to achieve something greater in life. We want better lives for ourselves, for our families, and a better world to live in. Many people fail because they can’t see a path to greatness. Dr. Watson’s story illuminates that path, and encourages the reader – and now, the viewer – to go forward.”
– Daryle Lockhart- Vice-President of African American Film Critics Association
& Founder of Lockhart Media

Resilient, similar to the movies Blindside and Pursuit of Happiness, depicts a homeless Tommy Watson willing to do whatever it takes, and against all odds to rise above his circumstance and flourish. The powerful message of Dr. Tommy Watson’s story is if he can do it, then maybe there is a chance for anyone.

“He [Watson] is a reminder of what you can do to achieve seemingly impossible dreams.” ​​​​​​​

“Tommy is a character to root for, and it is easy to invest in his journey towards a better future. The story is moving and has a lot of heart, a solid tale of resilience and hope.”

The Black List

(Leading industry reviewer)

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