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Resilient Stories with Principal Baruti Kafele

Principal Baruti KafeleRecognized as one of the top school principals in the nation, uncompromisingly, relentlessly and effectively dealt with the possibility of sacrificing his entire career for the love of his students.

Resilient Stories with Keith Wyche

Keith WycheKeith Wyche discusses his journey of going from a CEO of major company to  suddenly unemployed. His boldness will encourage you and his humility will guide you, as you listen to his dynamic story!

Resilient Stories with Randy Shaver

Randy ShaverBeing diagnosed with a life altering disease, while news anchoring in front of the public, didn’t stop Randy Shaver! Be inspired, by his journey of healing and recovery.

Resilient Stories with Karon Riley

Karon Riley’s story offersan enormous sense of peace and balance, as he gives realistic advice for those facing any type of dilemma, hardship or set-back in their personal or professional lives. His journey from NFL football player to accomplished actor …

Resilient Stories with Cherine Bentley

Cherine BentleyComing up in an unstable environment, living with a sometimes immobilizing disease and being diagnosed with Stage 5 Kidney Failure, Cherine Bentley talks about her journey to healing, and she is now using her experiences to motivate others to …

Resilient Stories with Carl Sharperson

Carl SharpersonFrom being a top athletic recruit into the Naval Academy to becoming an Entreprenuer, Carl Sharpenson has literally soared and excelled through many challenging circumstances, including facing the possibility of death. His powerful story will leave you in awe!

Resilient Stories with Chaundra Gore

Chaundra GoreDealing with deception and the negative effects of child molestation, Chaundra Gore has chosen to excel and become a vessel for others, to do the same. Her story will empower you and assure you that you are not alone, …

Resilient Stories interview with Dr. Richard Rolle Jr.

Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., star football player for the University of Notre Dame, is an awesome example of what having willpower, discipline and dedication can do! Being blindsided by the diagnosis with a serious disease, while playing football for Notre …

Resilient Stories interview with Charlotte Stallings

Charlotte Stallings gives her all in everything that she does! For all of those, who over-analyze, severely dissect or harshly critique themselves, she aims to let you know that there is nothing wrong with being human and having to try …

Resilient Stories with Dr. LaJeanna Cunningham

Dr. LaJeanna CunninghamWhile still healing from the negative effects of a hate crime committed against her father, Dr. LaJeanna Cunningham has become an example for others, who are struggling with similar issues. She’s giving discouraged people hope, by helping to …