Secrets to Motivating Students

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As a kid, I spent my childhood growing up with parents who were drug addicts and spent most of their time in prison. In fact, my mother was arrested 11 times during the first year of my life. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was homeless and had lived in nearly 30 different locations.

Despite the challenges, with the help of educators and coaches, I beat the odds. I would later go on to obtain 4 college degrees (including a Doctor of Education in Leadership) and had great success as a school principal.

All around our nation today students (elementary school to college) are becoming more and more disengaged and dropping out. At the same time, educators are experiencing high burnout and leaving the profession.

These concerns create additional challenges to school districts and universities in the form of layoffs, loss of funding, and struggles to maintain quality talent. We have tried zero tolerance policies and kicking students out of school. We have tried No Child Left Behind and penalizing educators.

Neither one has been successful in better motivating students and/or educators.

Secrets to Motivating Students (SMS) is an online training designed to provide educators (everyone working in the school) with practical tools to strategically motivate students while keeping themselves motivated as well.

What makes the SMS approach different is not only that it comes from years of research on systematic motivation but also it focuses on ensuring that each educator working with students is motivated to be peak performers FIRST.


Secrets to Motivating Students


SMS is designed to influence 2 major school areas:


Educator Efficacy (Confidence)


Student Engagement/ Motivation

Overall Objective:

To provide a framework for strategically increasing student and educator motivation.


Module/ Course 1 Objective:

Learn how to identify hooks (points of motivation) for students and educators. In depth analysis of Dr. Watson’s life growing up as a kid in poverty. (Approximately 2 hours)

Module/ Course 2 Objective:

Learn how to create a lasting vision of excellence for students and educators. (Approximately 2 hours)

Module/ Course 3 Objective:

Learn how to channel the inner voice of students and educators to focus on positive self-talk and positive self-thought. (Approximately 2 hours)




“I think this is one of the best courses because it not only asks me to look at the student, but myself. I've had the opportunity in this course to be metacognitive, to think about my thinking, which will lead me to be a better motivator.”

“I feel like a completely different teacher. Before I say or do anything I'm constantly thinking about what I learned in this course. I actually want to take the time to get to know my students and I let them get to know me. I feel so close to them now.”

“I feel that I have become hardened as a teacher over the past 14 years, and I needed to open myself back up to the whole reason I started teaching-the students. Now I feel like I am refocused, thinking with my students in mind, and really trying to gauge where they are coming from.”

“This course has allowed me to become much more motivated in teaching and interacting with my students everyday. It has helped me to maintain a positive attitude and give me motivation to work continuously to better myself and my students”

“This has changed my outlook on my own life, my school environment and the students.”

“I am more motivated to push towards my own personal goals, not just in the classroom but outside the classroom as well. I have taken steps to further my education and applied for a Master's program and I know this will not only impact me but my students as well.”

“I remain highly motivated in my job and commitment to students. I now have a better understanding of how to reach "difficult" students and the reasons why they must be reached.”

“This course gave me even more motivation and different ideas to keep me motivated. I now have the knowledge to help motivate my students.”

“My motivation has increased as I feel like this course gets back to what education should be which is guiding kids to become better people instead of focusing just on their test scores.”

“This course was an experience every employee should be required to take. It made me look inside myself and be more motivated with the children I work with, my peers and my personal life as well. This course made me feel that I am worthy to the world around me.”

“I help teachers with professional development … This course is great for learning how to get to know students and build relationships.”

“I really enjoyed the practical, specific, and positive activities for teachers to bring back to their classroom.”

“This was a course that has been very valuable. The things shared in each course are relevant and timely and THEY WORK!! :)”



recent study

Recent survey results!

  • 93% of educators reported that they had a more positive daily outlook as a result of course
  • 77% of educators reported that they were more empathic towards students
  • 73% of educators reported that they could put themselves in students' situations regarding home/ community conditions
  • 95% of educators reported greater student engagement as a result of course
  • 87% of educators reported seeing greater academic growth in their students
  • 81% of educators reported stronger relationships with students
  • 76% of educators reported that they were part of positive change in their schools as a result of course
  • 76% of educators reported that they more frequently include students' own perspective with curriculum
  • Nearly 60% of educators reported that they sent students out of classroom less as a result of course

our story

Tommy Watson went from a homeless-student, living out of a trunk, to Dr. Tommy Watson!

smssecret-motivation kids

Dr. Tommy Watson used what he learned in life, from educators and coaches and led a high poverty school to great success (as a school principal)- only having 1 suspension the entire year and a highly motivated staff.

He later tested his theory and approach to motivation through scientific research on his doctoral dissertation focused on what educators did to motivate Black Males with doctorate degrees (Ph. Ds., M. Ds., D. D. Ss., Ed. Ds., J. Ds.) as students (elementary through graduate school).

He found the same results and strategies used by educators to motivate students. Now he shares this systematic approach to motivation with educators (and students) around the world (online and in-person).



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