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Resilient Stories with Danielle Thompson

Danielle ThompsonAfter deciding to switch careers, a woman loses her only source of income and is forced to live in her vehicle, while relying on public assistance, before becoming a one of a kind, dynamic Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Resilient Stories with Steve Berlack

Steve BerlackA former host for BET Tonight later becomes homeless and reluctantly stays in a roach infested shelter. Now, a successful Life Coach, Author and Speaker, he’s living proof that you can overcome the worst days of your life!

Resilient Stories with Dee Williams

Dee WilliamsAn outgoing, business-savvy, money-making guru had to overcome the excruciating trauma of being molested and raped multiple times, throughout her childhood, of which one incident resulted in her becoming a mother, at just the tender age of 11.

Resilient Stories with Trina Martin

Trina MartinA retired US Navel Officer of 30 years had to heal from having suicidal thoughts, being a people-pleaser and not knowing her worth, to effectively learning how lead and teach others their value.

Resilient Stories with Mark Willis

Mark WillisOverwhelmed with the agonizing reality of making monthly payments, on over $120,000 worth of student loan debt while having no substantial source of income by which to live, Financial Planner, Mark Willis has developed proven strategies and written three …

Resilient Stories with Jude Charles

Jude CharlesA bright 17 year old deviates from going to college and goes on to help others become millionaires, but gets his car repossessed, before learning how to effectively market and manage his business.

Resilient Stories with Mark Loring

Mark LoringHomeless for 2 years, a successful entrepreneur, who once had to shower at a fitness center, tells how he survived the struggle.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Jason Sole

Dr. Jason SoleCaught in the drug game, for most of his teenage and young adult life, a 3rd time felon must survive grueling and agonizing years in federal prison. Searching deep within to overcome the dark forces around him, he …

Resilient Stories with Coach Patty Medina

Coach Patty MedinaAfter years of uncertainty as an illegal immigrant, a high school student accomplishes the American dream, by becoming a great women’s collegiate basketball coach, as well as a powerful mentor to many!

Resilient Stories with Jen Nash

Jen NashA young, intrinsic Australian girl must learn to thrive in numerous countries and overcome the unstable, tumultuous lifestyle of being raised by a manic depressive father, as well as adjust to his absence, once he sadly commits suicide.