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Resilient Stories!

Everyone loves hearing stories of people who have beat the odds and overcome obstacles! Join Dr. Tommy Watson (aka Dr. Inspiration), who grew up with parents that were arrested 121 times, each week as he interviews amazing guest, who have …

Dr. Watson Interview for Resilient Stories

Dr. Tommy Watson expressed an insurmountable courage in his quest to overcome issues of abandonment, homelessness, being shifted from home to home and drug-addictive parents who were arrested 121 times.

Resilient Stories with Rene Murata

Rene Muratahas endured the agony, that comes along with helping a child through drug addiction. In addition, she has experienced financial issues, along with the highs and lows of running a business. Remarkably, she’s learned to embrace the bad times …

Resilient Stories with Lieutenant Commander Jesse Iwuji

Lieutenant Commander Jesse Iwujistood his ground with dignity and pride even in situations, where he didn’t necessarily fit in. Having unwavering belief in himself, heoverpowered any and all doubt that may have been cast his way, which enabled him to …

Resilient Stories with Kenya Young

Kenya YoungThrown into adulthood and independency, Kenya Young is an outstanding example for people, who suffer with issues of abandonment and those who lack confidence, courage and self-worth.

Resilient Stories with Attorney Kaysia Earley

Attorney Kaysia EarelyHow can one go from being a convicted felon to becoming a prominent defense attorney? Check out Kaysia Earley’s  gut-wrenching, yet inspiring story and find out!

Resilient Stories with Dr. Marquita Blades

Dr. Marquita BladesWhen a career driven teacher is stricken with a debilitating disease, she becomes determined to not let it control her life or alter her overall plans to excel.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Bridget Williams

Dr. Bridget WilliamsFrom a confused, rebellious adolescent to a thriving doctor, a young girl rises above the emotional trauma of her past and fulfills her dreams!

Resilient Stories with Precious McKoy

Precious McKoySexually abused as a child, a woman copes with the horrific memories of her childhood, by inspiring others to overcome adversity and succeed.