Programs and Products

Programs and Products

Secrets to Motivating Students

Would you like to know how to get and keep your students motivated?
Would you like to know how YOU (as an educator) could stay motivated in the process?

Secrets to Motivating Students is for YOU!

Dr. Tommy Watson used what he learned life, educators and coaches and led a high poverty school to great success (as a school principal)- only having 1 suspension the entire year and a highly motivated staff. He later tested his theory and approach to motivation through scientific research on his doctoral dissertation focused on what educators did to motivate Black Males with doctorate degrees (Ph. Ds., M. Ds., D. D. Ss., Ed. Ds., J. Ds.) as students (elementary through graduate school). He found the same results and strategies used by educators to motivate students. Now he shares this systematic approach to motivation with educators (and students) around the world (online and in-person).

Letter To Your Younger Self 5-Day Challenge

Have you ever thought about GIVING ADVICE to your YOUNGER SELF based on what you KNOW TODAY?
Would you like to HELP others facing those SAME struggles?
Would you like to be able to make MONEY off of your stories and advice?
Then this FREE 5-Day Challenge is for you.
Learn how you can heal yourself by writing letters to your past and help others at the same time.

Challenge Starts September 28, 2020

Dr. Tommy Watson’s Proven 5 Step Program

Million Dollar Business Pathway


Letter to Your Younger Self Challenge


Book Your Story!


The $MILLION Author


Page to Picture!


Script to Screen!

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